Ministry Jobs

Pakistan Ministries are considered one of the most prestigious professions since they offer the opportunity to serve the public of the nation. Ministry Jobs in Pakistan has been a preferred career choice for Pakistani nationals for quite some time now, as employees of such positions are eligible for a wide range of benefits, such as retirement plans, pension plans, bonuses, incentives, health insurance, and so on. There are several ministries in Pakistan tasked with organizing and executing plans for the achievement of security and justice, including creating policies to ensure the justice system does not discriminate, ensure law enforcement is efficient and effective, and ensure a work environment that attracts top candidates. Most of the ministries in Pakistan are under the authority of politicians who are members of the cabinet, a group of federal officials called ministers, or secretaries. The regular duties of Ministers are not restricted to their usual duties; they also have the responsibility of maintaining and managing the infrastructure that falls under their authority.

Types of Ministry Jobs in Pakistan

Presently, the government of Pakistan is organized into 33 ministries; all led by provinces and the federal government, which is responsible for overseeing them all. We’ve compiled a list of some of Pakistan’s most significant ministries below.

  • 1. Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication
  • 2. Ministry of Science and Technology
  • 3. Ministry of Defence
  • 4. Ministry of Law and Justice
  • 5. Ministry of Narcotics Control
  • 6. Ministry of Energy (Power Division & Petroleum Division)
  • 7. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 8. Ministry of Interior
  • 9. Ministry of Railways

The following is a list of the latest Ministry Jobs in Pakistan that will allow you to choose a career path that suits your interests.