Monday , February 26 2024

Fauji Foundation Jobs 2023 for Senior Teachers

Job Description:

Vacancies of Senior Teachers and Teachers are vacant in Fauji Foundation Schools as under:-

  • Abbottabad Cptr-1 BSc -1
  • Attock – Lab Asst-1, Cptr Lab Asst-1
  • Basal Chem-2, English-1, DPE-1, Liby-1 BSc-1, BA-1, Lab Asst-1
  • Haripur Bio-2, Chem-1, Phy-1, English-1, BA-1
  • Lachi Chem-1, Cptr-1, Math-1, DPE-1, Liby-1, Urdu-1 BSc-1, BA-1, Lab Asst-1
  • Mardan Chem-1, Math-1 BSc-1, BA-1
  • Jand Phy-1, Cptr-1, Math-1 BA-1
  • Karak Urdu-1, DPE-1 –
  • Kohat Math-1, Cptr-1, Islamiyat-1 BSc-2, Lab Asst-1
  • Swabi English-1 BSc-2, BA-2



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